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Social single groups, offering persons’ aged 21+ an alternative to impersonal computers and expensive dating organizations. Opposite of the traditional “meat-market” approach, ComboSingles*, offers programs and events where persons can develop real friendships.  Activities allow persons to become familiar and relaxed with each other over time the key to successful lasting relationships.  Please come and join us for fun and camaraderie!

Our group reachs out to ALL singles in Chicago and neighboring suburban areas.

* Not associated with any other group




         *    NO membership fee; participants range between 25-65 years old; equal numbers of men/women attend  *
                              *   Social Bowling and General events; warm, considerate, friendly atmosphere.  *

For last minute changes and other items - See NEWS tab


Join the CORE TEAM and help define the future of the group and its activities. ALL persons are encouraged to join and your talents will be welcomed and appreciated.

Our doors are always open.

Call Helen-(847) 757-1299 or Howard-(847) 331-1066 for details.

ComboSingles (PSS/JSS)

P.O. Box 2626

Northbrook  IL  60065
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