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ComboSingles  Mission Statement

  To establish Professional Social Singles and 
  Jewish Social Singles as premier organizations,
  striving to act as a model and paradigm for
  others as we continue to maintain our
  uncompromising principles as we grow larger.

  The following six guidelines and principles will
  function as a standard to help us measure the
  appropriateness of our decisions and create a
  strong foundation from which to build.

     ·  Provide a great singles environment and  
         treat each other with respect and dignity.

     ·  Embrace diversity as an essential  
         component in the way we handle these 

     ·  Apply the highest standards of excellence  
         that this organization can offer, while
         providing the best, quality activities and
         events for reasonable prizes.

     ·  Develop enthusiastically, satisfied singles 
         all the time.

     ·  Contribute positively to single individuals’  
         lives and, continually, strive to reach our  
         visions through future goals and ideas.

     ·  Recognize that the groups’ profitability is  
         not the primary idea and focus, but the  
         active pursuit of bringing persons together   
         to create friendships and all working as a  
         team and well tuned, fine instrument to  
         develop future successes.

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