Jewish Social Singles

Interests, Hobbies, SIGs

Looking For Persons Interested in:

  • Horseback Riding                        [Call Howard, 847 331-1066
         We would like to find Equestrians that might like to ride -English- every once in a while,
         Cost - Private lesson $45 for 30 min; possibly)to prepare for a group lesson - 3-6 individuals

  • Musicians/Singers                         Call Howard, 847 331-1066]
          Looking for musicians who might like to play in a trio, quartet, etc.  Any instrument is welcome
         All talent and levels are encouraged to call.  This will be a fun group.  Possible talent night,
         play or karaoke night for future opportunities.

  • Billiards/Pool Enthusiasts     Call Helen, 847 757-1299
         Looking for persons who might like to play billiards on occasion for fun.  We could form teams
         and play each other for bragging rights or set-up a regular schedule.  We are open to suggestions.


  • Health Care Professionals     Call Helen, 847 757-1299
         Interested in meeting other health professionals or discussing current health care topics?
         Let's start a discussion or social group and see what the future holds - speakers, best practices,
         topics of interest, CPR/First Aid Certification.     

             Are you interested in a specific area and would like to meet others with similar
         pursuits?  Give us a call, help us lead it and we can add it to this page.

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